My gorgeous daughter, 12, has started to break out in spots, she’s had them on her face for a while now and she uses a Tea Tree stick for blemishes and some sudocream at night. Seems to do the trick, she’s not great at using a facewash daily but then she’s still only 12. Lately though she’s developed acne on her back and chest, I remember getting this when I was in my teens but back then we just covered it up and didn’t talk too much about it! The chemist has recommended a La Roche-Possay wash that she can use on her face and body – Effeclar (€14.99). She also recommended the moisturizer to match but funds didn’t allow. I’ll encourage her to try the body wash and see how it goes….


Wake up call….



So yesterday the kids decided they wanted to go swimming after work, now honestly I hate swimming, it’s cold!!! But they’re good kids, how could I say no, we’re not doing anything exciting this mid term. So off we went. Now I know that I have been slowly gaining weight that last 2 years. Exercise is non existent although my intentions are good, I come up with the most ridiculous of excuses. I am 100% a stress eater. When I am stressed I could eat my own body weight in crap and there has been a lot of stress!!! I have never been confident in my swim suit and make a point of not walking past a mirror but yesterday I caught a glimpse of exactly how much weight I have gained and it honestly shocked me.

What I need now is a personal trainer to kick my ass into shape before it spirals out of control. I also need to change my hubbies habits – he’s a feeder, he buys us treats all the time.

Today has to be a new day, no more secret snacking, no more excuses, I am short and overweight, not an ideal combination 😦

weekend activities….

So good morning….. 🙂 another bank holiday weekend has come and gone and I am ashamed to say that I certainly did not make the most of it…..Saturday morning was a lazy one, hubby packed off to work, kids and I lazed around watching shite on tv till about 12. I bribed them with a movie if they came with me to walk the dog. Outdoors kids they are not, they complained about the cold, the route, the noisy traffic and eventually the downpour of rain. Hubby and I had watched Mrs Brown, DMovie the night before and the kids begged me to watch it. The movie is rated 15 so definitely not for kids. In saying that theres nothing really in it but some bad language and to be fair my husband is a Dublin northsider so it’s nothing they haven’t heard before!! So I caved and stuck it on. I did cringe now at some of it and in hindsight it wasn’t be finest parenting hour – hopefully by the time they’ve gone back to school they’ll have forgotten!!!! Haloween decorations went up then (trying to redeem my perfect parent role).

Kids were talking about Christmas this weekend a lot, they pinpointed what they wanted to ask Santa for, which brought me to a subject I have been struggling with for a while, telling my 12yr old the truth. The last thing I want is for her to be teased in school, they’ve just started a new school and so far everything is great. So I took her to one side and told her, she said she had a fair idea. The only thing she was worried about was whether the presents would still be the same! In all honesty she handled it better than I did, the tears just flowed and we had a long cuddle. I suppose it’s another part of her childhood gone, there have been far too many of those moments this year, and I struggle with that. I’m clinging to my youngest for dear life in the hope that somehow I can stop the same thing happening to her! Silly huh…..

Sometimes in our house we have ‘goldfish bowl’ periods. There are six of us, seven if you count the dog. And sometimes it feels as if we all live in a goldfish bowl. Seeing way too much of each other at times. We’re better when we’re all busy and just catching up at intervals. I will fill you in on some of our ‘goldfish’ moments another time but this morning I am thankful for my job, even though my kids are off school and I love to be with them, Daddy is on duty this morning and I’ll be home by 2 just in time to drop my youngest off for a playdate.

Today I have made some life goals:

  • To take control of my diet and exercise, I am starting to resemble Mr Blobby
  • To stop stressing about the silly stuff.
  • To maybe delete viber off my daughters phone – 16 pictures in the last 10 minutes!!!!!!

End of the day thoughts….

So at the end of a long busy day I can actually look back and say it was a good one, work was busy, but at home there were no rows with hubby which is a major achievement given that he’s on hols from work for the week and seriously getting under my feet!!! My 12 yr old pushed my buttons a bit…. Came home from school full of drama about her bcg vaccine next week and asked could she skip the day so I called her bluff and said yes and she nearly had a canary cause she’d miss out!! She them asked could she go to bed cause she was tired so I said yeah work away and she said

are you Mad it’s the middle of the day?

guess I can’t win!! My youngest is a dream kid most days, as long as she has Lego and grub she’s happy:) my mother was a bit emotional today, I hadn’t time to chat and she got huffy, I know she’s going through a rough patch health wise, and car wise (long story!!) and my brisk attitude seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back!! I stopped to make time for a cuppa and a chat. Seemed to help…. anyway that’s my wildly exciting day. goodnight world, let’s do it all again tomorrow!!;)
Ps jobs I didn’t get to today include laundry & dirty floors. Sure you’ve got to save some excitement for another day haven’t you!!!!

Getting started…

So this is me starting a blog…. Been thinking about it for quite a while, thought it might be therapeutic to write down some of my stuff from the day and let go of the stress as well as celebrate my achievements such as getting the kids on the school bus on time etc, you know the big stuff!!! Anyway my sister encouraged me to get started so here I am…. Not sure how interesting my story will be, I mean the highlight of my day so far is that I’m 20mins early for the school pick up and I have time to write this so we’ll see how it goes:)