Ireland’s fittest family we are not!!

so for the last few weeks I’ve been making a real effort to be more active and healthy. I’m using a mixture of endomondo and my fitness pal to help with my efforts. Endomondo records my distance walked and estimates my calories burnt. It then adds those calories to my daily allowance on my fitness pal. I scan all my food into my fitness pal and it helps me keep track of my intake of calories. To be honest, I was well exceeding the recommended allowance without even realising it!! I am allocated 1200 calories based on my current weight and height. You’d be surprised how quickly you can fly through 1200 in a day!!!

I’ve had a bit of a change of attitude towards my exercise too. Before now I would put anything and everything before exercise. There was always washing to be done or a bedroom to tidy. It’ll still be there when I get back so now I make sure the daily walk comes first. I really like the 40 minutes to myself. Earphones in and off I go. I feel better, less bloated and a little lighter and it’s definitely good for my head space!!


My next mission is to try and get the kids and hubby on board. Neither of my kids are sporty, one does a dance class and the other Judo but that’s just once a week. Not enough to keep them fit and healthy. I dragged my eldest on a 4K walk yesterday but it was like pulling teeth!!! I’m determined to get the bikes out and back in good working order this week, they might enjoy that more than walking. I know they won’t do it unless I push them and sometimes it feels like just one more thing to nag them about!

I need to be more creative and think of new ways to make exercise more of a routine in our family. Is that possible I wonder??


slightly unwilling sports supporter….

So the hubby is a big sports fan. I am a bit of a bandwagon supporter. I’ll tag along to the big games with him. Given that we are native Dubs living in the country, I’ll head down to the local to support the Dubs in big games….. I’ll hold my hands up and say that I know very few of the rules and might often shout out something completely ridiculous!!

My eldest daughter is a big GAA fan, she is very proud of her Dublin roots. I promised her that we would go along to some more Dublin games this year so hearing that the Dubs were playing in Longford today, and we only live 30 mins away, how could we not go? so we buttered the bread, packed some chocolate biscuits and off we went. I don’t often go to live games so here are a few things I’ve learned today!

  • Dress for the occasion – I straightened my hair this morning; for what??? I was in baltic temperatures in a hat and scarf and hood that barely showed off my eyes never mind my perfectly straight hair. Also my Dunnes Stores wedges looked great but my blue toes could not be felt after the first half! My daughters are 13 and 10. The 10 yr old had no problem taking my advice and pulling her hat down over her ears. My 13 yr old is a different story, given that we had to argue to make her wear jeans instead of barely there leggings,asking her to pull her hood up and zip up her coat was like asking her to pull out her teeth!!!! her blue and shivering lips were a good indication that she was cold enough to insist!!I also made the mistake of wearing my daughters Dublin Jacket – aged 13/14 its too big for her.When we bought it it was a case of “she’ll get plenty of wear out of it” It fit’s me nicely but is a tad snug when taking it off. Fast forward 2 hours in the rain (Its one of those over the head ones with no front zip) and you get me and hubby shivering at the boot of the car killing each other because I can’t hold my arms up high enough for him to get it over my head. A lot of swear words later and we’re in the car, me in a wet jacket that I can’t get off.
  • Bring food – we packed the ham sandwiches and were bloody glad of them! and there were plenty of people there with travel mugs of soup etc.
  • Take no offence- we were in a crowd with a mix of supporters. The banter is normally good but being a Dub living in the country, we are normally well outnumbered. I actually end up getting really offended when people slag off the Dubs.  Obviously that’s just part of the game but am I naive to think that it all should be quite friendly really and we are all just there to enjoy a decent game of football!! Some people take it super seriously though!!! It’s a little scary….I mean if they are actually so knowledgeable to think that they know exactly what the players and ref should be doing, shouldn’t they be out there playing or managing their own team??
  • Know where you’re going – hubby isn’t great with the aul smart phone. I should have loaded the map on his phone before we left but I didn’t so cue me driving whilst trying to talk him through loading the google maps app and enter the address. It was a lengthy process!!! Google maps then proceeded to direct us into a housing estate at the back of the grounds. Technically she was right if we could scale a 40foot wall!!


To do list before the next match! 

  1. A jacket that actually fits me with a front zip
  2. a decent flask – it may not be ‘cool’ but you’ll be glad of it!
  3. An extra pair of socks and decent rather than fashionable boots!
  4. Learn some of the flippin rules!!

It was a nice family day out, any time we get to spend together can only be a good thing. Kids love when it’s just the 4 of us and we laughed through the cold and the rain and mammy stuck in her jacket so I think we made some good memories.

D x

Reason for blogging….

So when I started this blog I thought it would be a good way to write down all my daily frustrations and stresses, to put them down in writing and then let them go. Each evening I would try to write how the day went but then delete it because it was full of moaning and complaining and It felt more like whining then really letting it go… Maybe I’m approaching it the wrong way. Maybe I need I balance the positives with the negatives of the day so here goes:
Missed the alarm and got up late, phone call from the mother in work at 10.30 in order to fill me in on the latest in an ongoing family drama, followed by a coffee with the mother to fill me in further on said drama, kids I mind when I got home from work seemed to be on a mission to piss me off by being loud and really cheeky today while taking an absolute age to do their homework, after dinner discussion with the mother about said family drama, feeling bad for my eldest who has herself worked up that the kids in school will make fun of her new glasses:(
Got a lovely card in the post in work from a lady I helped, My kids are really good at helping me with the extra kids in the afternoons…they never complain about having to share their mammy or their stuff, grateful for easy regular conversations with my sister (brother is a little more complicated), no extra curriculars this evening and hubby is off today which meant a lovely snuggle in front of the tv with hubby and kids early this evening, and I’m sure when the football is over in 20mins there’ll be some funny stuff on tv to entertain me before climbing into my lovely warm bed..

I’m don’t think I’m a complicated person, I like the simple things in life, a happy home, an uncomplicated life, wishful thinking sometimes but the same can be said for many Irish households I suppose…. Anyway that’s my piece for tonight:) sleep well fellow bloggers…



So last weekend I went to bed on Sunday feeling quite smug, content and happy with life. This week has been shit, so consider me well and truly unsmug and stressed. I’m going to be quite selfish now and complain because there are others around me whose week has been more shitty than mine and I should be counting my blessings but i’m not!!

This week has been full of work (part time),school runs, childminding (part time) (other than my own 2), chauffering to extra curricular activities, dropping and collecting hubby from work (cause the lazy so and so won’t learn to drive, cue major arguments over the said refusal to learn to drive), blind repairs, laundry (and yet all my baskets are constantly full!!) cooking 2 dinners a day, parent teacher meetings, nursing eldest daughter who has a bad cold and this morning looks like youngest is coming down with it too, arguments with PC world cause they sent me an empty box, arguments with a company called garcinium cause the bastards advertised magic skinny pills online for free but then charged me 80 quid, and the feckin pills had the opposite effect, fire lighting for the mother, dragging in coal for the mother, (dad is away for the week). Hubby works in retail so this time of year he works long hours and while I’m grateful for the extra few quid I’ve missed the extra pair of hands this week. Also my shampoo is crap this week and my hair is dull and lifeless.

Ok rant well and truly over, I’m putting my stress in a balloon and setting it free – sounds easy right??

Contentment :)

Coming to the end of a pretty perfect weekend…. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a weekend so much. The funny thing is that we did absolutely nothing exciting!! We got up early yesterday to get a bargain in the b and q sale, an electric wall hung fire woohoo!!! Rock and roll baby;) eldest daughter went off to play in her friends house and youngest daughter had a friend over which gave me a chance to catch up on housework. Plenty of snuggles later Saturday night while watching X factor.
Today I was handed breakfast in bed and didn’t get up till 10.30, pure bliss!! Spent the day playing with the kids, walking the dog, making and enjoying a nice dinner… More snuggles tonight and kids now happily tucked up in bed.
It’s got me wondering why I’m feeling so content, sure it’s helped that the folks were away for the weekend (yes we live together, don’t ask!!) and hubby was off work. We had no rows, kids are happy, they have nice friends, I’m just feeling quite lucky. A good start to the week ahead:)