Ireland’s fittest family we are not!!

so for the last few weeks I’ve been making a real effort to be more active and healthy. I’m using a mixture of endomondo and my fitness pal to help with my efforts. Endomondo records my distance walked and estimates my calories burnt. It then adds those calories to my daily allowance on my fitness pal. I scan all my food into my fitness pal and it helps me keep track of my intake of calories. To be honest, I was well exceeding the recommended allowance without even realising it!! I am allocated 1200 calories based on my current weight and height. You’d be surprised how quickly you can fly through 1200 in a day!!!

I’ve had a bit of a change of attitude towards my exercise too. Before now I would put anything and everything before exercise. There was always washing to be done or a bedroom to tidy. It’ll still be there when I get back so now I make sure the daily walk comes first. I really like the 40 minutes to myself. Earphones in and off I go. I feel better, less bloated and a little lighter and it’s definitely good for my head space!!


My next mission is to try and get the kids and hubby on board. Neither of my kids are sporty, one does a dance class and the other Judo but that’s just once a week. Not enough to keep them fit and healthy. I dragged my eldest on a 4K walk yesterday but it was like pulling teeth!!! I’m determined to get the bikes out and back in good working order this week, they might enjoy that more than walking. I know they won’t do it unless I push them and sometimes it feels like just one more thing to nag them about!

I need to be more creative and think of new ways to make exercise more of a routine in our family. Is that possible I wonder??


Medical drama….

So I’m stuck in portiuncula hospital since Monday…. I’m bored out of my tree so Here’s my story so far. 

On Monday I had a colonoscopy, scheduled because of changes in my habits, shall we say! For me, Sunday was the worst bit. You have to drink 4 litres of this god awful stuff to clean your colon and get it ready for viewing;) anyway I did as I was told and the doc said my colon was gleaming. Super proud:)  it’s a strange procedure, from the disposable pants with the opening at the back, to the part where they knock you out and you loose all control. procedure went fine and I was home by 5.30pm. 

By 6.30 I was in horrendous pain. I don’t give in easily but I had to phone the hospital and they advised me to go to my nearest A&E….. Ballinasloe. I checked in here at 7 and was sent for X-rays and blood tests. I was vomiting and feeling crappy. The doctor was funny though, cracking jokes and being generally happy. He lightened the mood. By midnight I was on a trolley although the location of the trolley moved frequently between corridors. 1 ct scan later and I knew I was staying overnight. Kicked my mother out at 2am. She didn’t want to leave, she loves a good medical drama 🙈

Tuesday, about 4ish, I was moved to a ward. 4 beds, all mature ladies. Been entertaining to say the least, I know more about these women’s medical issues than I do of my nearest and dearest.😂 I’ve had scans and antibiotics, blood clot shots and painkillers. I’ve had blood removed and fluids put in. I’ve been fasting on and off all week. 

Today is Thursday and I’m still here, I miss the kids so much but they’ve been great. They’ve been busy with school and homework and popping in for cuddles but I miss being there to do their lunches and make sure their uniforms are clean and their bags are packed properly. I miss waving off the school bus even though my 13yr old hates when I wave. 

End of the story is that it looks like I have a micro perforation in my bowel which caused an infection. One of the complications they tell you might happen but you assume it wont. 

One more ct scan in the morning and if that’s clear then I’m off home. Fingers crossed. On the bright side: with all of the aforementioned fasting, I’m bound to have lost a few pounds!! Silver lining and all that. 

Food / Health / Weight

morning work break...

morning work break…

Has anybody else, like me, been on a diet, on and off, for about 15 years now!! I can only remember once in that time actually being happy with my weight. When my sister got married, I was her only bridesmaid, I suppose that pushed me to do something about it…I worked hard for a year, lots of time in the gym and a very extreme diet (mostly rice cakes!!)

To my credit, I did look fabulous 😉  Trouble is though, once that was over and I started to eat properly, the weight came back pretty quickly.

To be fair, you can’t live on rice cakes, it wasn’t a long term solution! Plus all that time in the gym was time away from my young kids too….

Fast forward…. for the last 6 months I have been excercising about 4 times a week, I’ve been eating relatively clean, bar the odd bad day. I’ve given up drinking for the most part. Anyone want to hazard a guess to how much weight I’ve lost…..

zero, nil, not a flippin pound!!!

It’s extremely frustrating. At least if I was seeing the benefits I would have a little motivation. To top it off I have a serious case of IBD which seems to be getting worse.

swapping tea for hot water...

swapping tea for hot water…

What I need is a personal trainer, a dietitian and a chef. Sure while you’re at it you may as well throw in a butler and a maid too!!! If I could go back and tell my 25 year old self how much harder it is when you’re, well lets just say 35+, I would tell her to put in the work now and not put it off!!! I saying all of this, I am not deeply unhappy with my body, I know I just feel better when I am a little less wobbly and a lot more healthy.


I have a wedding coming up in October maybe that will push me to work hard over the next few weeks…. maybe an online food diary might generate a few tips! Wish me luck 🙂



My gorgeous daughter, 12, has started to break out in spots, she’s had them on her face for a while now and she uses a Tea Tree stick for blemishes and some sudocream at night. Seems to do the trick, she’s not great at using a facewash daily but then she’s still only 12. Lately though she’s developed acne on her back and chest, I remember getting this when I was in my teens but back then we just covered it up and didn’t talk too much about it! The chemist has recommended a La Roche-Possay wash that she can use on her face and body – Effeclar (€14.99). She also recommended the moisturizer to match but funds didn’t allow. I’ll encourage her to try the body wash and see how it goes….