Becoming an aul one….

I’ve always had a thing about my age, I’m not sure why. I’ve been an ‘aul one’ ever since I was a teenager, always in such a hurry to be older, more responsible, a mothering figure. Maybe it stems from the fact that my own mam was in hospital for a huge chunk of my teenage years, I’m not sure.

The youngest Manager in my line of work at 20, Married at 21, had my eldest at 22 and my youngest at 25.

Turning 30 bothered me quite a lot. I struggled with it and my family took the piss. Now looking back, they were right, 30 is only a young one!!!!

At 35 I had some friends over for the weekend. Not mentioning my birthday at all, I made it clear I wanted no fuss. Went out with said friends and returned home to banners and streamers and large signs that read HAPPY 35TH!!

Now a normal person would be grateful that her mother went to the trouble, not me. I stamped my feet, took down the banners and threw a major wobbly. Needless to say, darling mother practically ignored my 36th this year.

This year I turn 37. I have eye baggage that resembles the check in desk at Ryanair, including a small collection of saggy skin under my eye, dodgy knees that require support during my new found excercise regime, a dodgy tummy that relies on me to eat and drink well or suffer the consequences, and I’m curled up on the couch by 9 every evening in my fluffly pj’s!!! I have gone from 35 to elderly in a very short space of time!!! I see women all around me who have kids, run a home, work and look fabulous while doing it.

Time for action. I AM ONLY 36 YEARS OLD FFS…. My plan is as follows: 

  • Excercise more often (already in place for 2 whole weeks!! 45 minute walk most days between work and school pick up). It’s probably not enough but it’s a start. tumblr_nyoqlupM0z1s6wlblo1_400.gif
  • Take more care of my saggy eyes and face! A face wipe and cheap moisturiser just won’t cut it anymore. 
  • Drink more water (this ones a toughie cause I end up spending half the day in the loo and my bladder only seems capable of holding a spoonful these days without panicking!!)
  • Be more sociable, I used to love a good night out with a natter, glass or 2 of wine and maybe even a boogie. I’ve become boring and lazy. I need to have more fun….
  • Upskill  – this one needs more thought but I feel like I need a challenge.

Watch this space….