slightly unwilling sports supporter….

So the hubby is a big sports fan. I am a bit of a bandwagon supporter. I’ll tag along to the big games with him. Given that we are native Dubs living in the country, I’ll head down to the local to support the Dubs in big games….. I’ll hold my hands up and say that I know very few of the rules and might often shout out something completely ridiculous!!

My eldest daughter is a big GAA fan, she is very proud of her Dublin roots. I promised her that we would go along to some more Dublin games this year so hearing that the Dubs were playing in Longford today, and we only live 30 mins away, how could we not go? so we buttered the bread, packed some chocolate biscuits and off we went. I don’t often go to live games so here are a few things I’ve learned today!

  • Dress for the occasion – I straightened my hair this morning; for what??? I was in baltic temperatures in a hat and scarf and hood that barely showed off my eyes never mind my perfectly straight hair. Also my Dunnes Stores wedges looked great but my blue toes could not be felt after the first half! My daughters are 13 and 10. The 10 yr old had no problem taking my advice and pulling her hat down over her ears. My 13 yr old is a different story, given that we had to argue to make her wear jeans instead of barely there leggings,asking her to pull her hood up and zip up her coat was like asking her to pull out her teeth!!!! her blue and shivering lips were a good indication that she was cold enough to insist!!I also made the mistake of wearing my daughters Dublin Jacket – aged 13/14 its too big for her.When we bought it it was a case of “she’ll get plenty of wear out of it” It fit’s me nicely but is a tad snug when taking it off. Fast forward 2 hours in the rain (Its one of those over the head ones with no front zip) and you get me and hubby shivering at the boot of the car killing each other because I can’t hold my arms up high enough for him to get it over my head. A lot of swear words later and we’re in the car, me in a wet jacket that I can’t get off.
  • Bring food – we packed the ham sandwiches and were bloody glad of them! and there were plenty of people there with travel mugs of soup etc.
  • Take no offence- we were in a crowd with a mix of supporters. The banter is normally good but being a Dub living in the country, we are normally well outnumbered. I actually end up getting really offended when people slag off the Dubs.  Obviously that’s just part of the game but am I naive to think that it all should be quite friendly really and we are all just there to enjoy a decent game of football!! Some people take it super seriously though!!! It’s a little scary….I mean if they are actually so knowledgeable to think that they know exactly what the players and ref should be doing, shouldn’t they be out there playing or managing their own team??
  • Know where you’re going – hubby isn’t great with the aul smart phone. I should have loaded the map on his phone before we left but I didn’t so cue me driving whilst trying to talk him through loading the google maps app and enter the address. It was a lengthy process!!! Google maps then proceeded to direct us into a housing estate at the back of the grounds. Technically she was right if we could scale a 40foot wall!!


To do list before the next match! 

  1. A jacket that actually fits me with a front zip
  2. a decent flask – it may not be ‘cool’ but you’ll be glad of it!
  3. An extra pair of socks and decent rather than fashionable boots!
  4. Learn some of the flippin rules!!

It was a nice family day out, any time we get to spend together can only be a good thing. Kids love when it’s just the 4 of us and we laughed through the cold and the rain and mammy stuck in her jacket so I think we made some good memories.

D x


Rant required…..


Ok so I’m angry and I need a rant.

I have a stepdaughter, she’s 19 now. A lovely girl, to be fair we’ve always had a great relationship,

Lately though she doesn’t seem to want to visit, maybe not that she doesn’t want to but her weekends are full of social activities. I have no issue with that, feck it she’s 19, she should be out having fun. I do still firmly believe though that you have to make some time for family. We’ve always included her in our family life and even when we moved to Roscommon we still make frequent trips to see her and take part in all the milestones in her life.

This morning was the last straw for me. My daughter has a big show with her dance class in Dublin in February, tickets go on sale on Monday and she text her sister to ask her did she want a ticket. The reply was “sure I’ll probably be working” which may as well have said – I couldn’t be bothered, I don’t really care. She seems to think that she works a 60 hour week and is tied to her job, in reality she works about 25 hours a week in a flexible job which will probably cut her hours after Christmas anyway.

My daughter was heartbroken, cried her heart out. A great start to the day!!!

I try to convince her to concentrate on the family around her who do love her and who do make the effort for her but my words didn’t seem to help. Out comes the mammy bear in me who won’t let anyone upset her cubs!! I fired off a very angry private FB message and told her how selfish and thoughtless she had been. No doubt I won’t get a reply but I still had to say it. If I was her mother I would have wrung her neck in person.

I hate arguing with people, it eats me up inside and consumes my day 😦

Rant over….