Rant required…..


Ok so I’m angry and I need a rant.

I have a stepdaughter, she’s 19 now. A lovely girl, to be fair we’ve always had a great relationship,

Lately though she doesn’t seem to want to visit, maybe not that she doesn’t want to but her weekends are full of social activities. I have no issue with that, feck it she’s 19, she should be out having fun. I do still firmly believe though that you have to make some time for family. We’ve always included her in our family life and even when we moved to Roscommon we still make frequent trips to see her and take part in all the milestones in her life.

This morning was the last straw for me. My daughter has a big show with her dance class in Dublin in February, tickets go on sale on Monday and she text her sister to ask her did she want a ticket. The reply was “sure I’ll probably be working” which may as well have said – I couldn’t be bothered, I don’t really care. She seems to think that she works a 60 hour week and is tied to her job, in reality she works about 25 hours a week in a flexible job which will probably cut her hours after Christmas anyway.

My daughter was heartbroken, cried her heart out. A great start to the day!!!

I try to convince her to concentrate on the family around her who do love her and who do make the effort for her but my words didn’t seem to help. Out comes the mammy bear in me who won’t let anyone upset her cubs!! I fired off a very angry private FB message and told her how selfish and thoughtless she had been. No doubt I won’t get a reply but I still had to say it. If I was her mother I would have wrung her neck in person.

I hate arguing with people, it eats me up inside and consumes my day 😦

Rant over….