So today I had a teeny bit of an insight into the life of a mammy who also works full time and honestly, I don’t know how they do it!

I worked full time when my eldest was born for about 6 months but then I gave it up for a part time position. At the time I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her and working full time meant I was only just home some days in time to put her to bed! So I got a part time job and 13 years later I’m still part time. I love that I can go out to work in the mornings and be home when they get home from school to give them lunch and hear about their day, help with their homework and really keep in touch with what they’re up to during the day. My logic is that they’re only young for such a short space of time and before long they won’t need me so I’m very grateful that I get to be there now.

Today I had to take my eldest to the orthodontist so I worked late, rather than go home and come back into town again, picked her up from school, went to the dentist and we weren’t home till about 5.30ish. I’ve been playing catch up though since I walked in the door!!! The washing was still in the machine and more to be done, youngest daughter had lots of homework still to do, the kitchen needed cleaning, lunchboxes to be cleaned out, swimming bag to be emptied, dinner to get ready…blah blah blah the list goes on. None of this is normally any bother on a normal day when I’m home by 2 but trying to squeeze it all in today was a push!!

How do other parents to all that after working a full day?? I did it for one day and I’m flippin shattered!!!



stress-multitasking-office-9542465I work for a group of women of a certain age. Its a nice job, been here 10 years, working in the mornings and home to my daughters in the afternoon, the best of both worlds really.

Some days I need more patience than others though, today is one of those days. Some examples:

Anytime the phone rings (it’s an office so a regular occurance) the lady beside me exclaims “oh there’s the phone now, I wonder who it is” EVERYTIME

Anytime I go out for papers etc I get a run down on the weather and how to dress appropriately for it – EVERYTIME!!!

11 O’Clock is tea time but I’ll get a countdown from 10.45 about how close it is to tea time and again at 12.45 before she goes for lunch at 1pm…..EVERYDAY!!!

I opened a parcel this morning wondering aloud who it was for, no name on the parcel, with a phone inside – the lady beside me says “it’s a phone, I wonder who it’s for” Mmmmm think I just said that.

Even though I’m a secretary 10yrs, one lady still checks my outgoing post to see if I have put the correct postage on it!

I love my job and I’m lucky to have it but some days it feels like I’ve brought my mother to work!!;)