Medical drama….

So I’m stuck in portiuncula hospital since Monday…. I’m bored out of my tree so Here’s my story so far. 

On Monday I had a colonoscopy, scheduled because of changes in my habits, shall we say! For me, Sunday was the worst bit. You have to drink 4 litres of this god awful stuff to clean your colon and get it ready for viewing;) anyway I did as I was told and the doc said my colon was gleaming. Super proud:)  it’s a strange procedure, from the disposable pants with the opening at the back, to the part where they knock you out and you loose all control. procedure went fine and I was home by 5.30pm. 

By 6.30 I was in horrendous pain. I don’t give in easily but I had to phone the hospital and they advised me to go to my nearest A&E….. Ballinasloe. I checked in here at 7 and was sent for X-rays and blood tests. I was vomiting and feeling crappy. The doctor was funny though, cracking jokes and being generally happy. He lightened the mood. By midnight I was on a trolley although the location of the trolley moved frequently between corridors. 1 ct scan later and I knew I was staying overnight. Kicked my mother out at 2am. She didn’t want to leave, she loves a good medical drama 🙈

Tuesday, about 4ish, I was moved to a ward. 4 beds, all mature ladies. Been entertaining to say the least, I know more about these women’s medical issues than I do of my nearest and dearest.😂 I’ve had scans and antibiotics, blood clot shots and painkillers. I’ve had blood removed and fluids put in. I’ve been fasting on and off all week. 

Today is Thursday and I’m still here, I miss the kids so much but they’ve been great. They’ve been busy with school and homework and popping in for cuddles but I miss being there to do their lunches and make sure their uniforms are clean and their bags are packed properly. I miss waving off the school bus even though my 13yr old hates when I wave. 

End of the story is that it looks like I have a micro perforation in my bowel which caused an infection. One of the complications they tell you might happen but you assume it wont. 

One more ct scan in the morning and if that’s clear then I’m off home. Fingers crossed. On the bright side: with all of the aforementioned fasting, I’m bound to have lost a few pounds!! Silver lining and all that.