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morning work break...

morning work break…

Has anybody else, like me, been on a diet, on and off, for about 15 years now!! I can only remember once in that time actually being happy with my weight. When my sister got married, I was her only bridesmaid, I suppose that pushed me to do something about it…I worked hard for a year, lots of time in the gym and a very extreme diet (mostly rice cakes!!)

To my credit, I did look fabulous 😉  Trouble is though, once that was over and I started to eat properly, the weight came back pretty quickly.

To be fair, you can’t live on rice cakes, it wasn’t a long term solution! Plus all that time in the gym was time away from my young kids too….

Fast forward…. for the last 6 months I have been excercising about 4 times a week, I’ve been eating relatively clean, bar the odd bad day. I’ve given up drinking for the most part. Anyone want to hazard a guess to how much weight I’ve lost…..

zero, nil, not a flippin pound!!!

It’s extremely frustrating. At least if I was seeing the benefits I would have a little motivation. To top it off I have a serious case of IBD which seems to be getting worse.

swapping tea for hot water...

swapping tea for hot water…

What I need is a personal trainer, a dietitian and a chef. Sure while you’re at it you may as well throw in a butler and a maid too!!! If I could go back and tell my 25 year old self how much harder it is when you’re, well lets just say 35+, I would tell her to put in the work now and not put it off!!! I saying all of this, I am not deeply unhappy with my body, I know I just feel better when I am a little less wobbly and a lot more healthy.


I have a wedding coming up in October maybe that will push me to work hard over the next few weeks…. maybe an online food diary might generate a few tips! Wish me luck 🙂


Petty Rows….

downloadI often wonder do other couples row about the same silly stuff that we do?

On Sunday it was over cake – now we have an unusual household, we bought a house in the country with my parents and we all live together, like the Waltons only not as happy. There are a million things we could row about each week due to the above situation but no, we choose the petty stuff. I am watching myself slowly expand and hubby gets free cake in work and brings it home. I asked him to stop ages ago, but no, he keeps turning up with these boxes of delicious cake that I can’t say no to. We didn’t speak for the whole night over it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I think we do a good job of juggling marraige, house, kids, work, we are quite happy most of the time but I wonder if somebody played you a clip of a typical silly row you now have on the day before you got married, would you still turn up at the altar??